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A Marketing Research Report on Tanishq

mba projects in marketing
As we see it, research in advertising and marketing is very crucial in understanding, speculating on, and ultimately determining the position of the product in the consumer's mind.

It is like a homework task that a good advertising/marketing/sales person would always carry out before (and after) implementing the said product's advertising/marketing strategy.

By collecting data with the help of research methods, the researcher can manage to understand the consumer, what he wants, when he wants it, and how he wants it.

Research methodologies, more or less, aim to reveal consumers’ different perceptions of the product, in large part about the way it is advertised.

The researcher wants to know how effective the advertisement is on his listeners, where the strategy falls short, and where it can improve.

Ultimately, it can be said that the most important task of advertising/marketing research is to increase the sales of the product. This requires a well developed marketing plan, a good know-how of the prospective consumer, and most of all an effective and rational research methodology.

Market Research
Market Research For Business Planning & Growth
Tanishq – An Introduction
Locating Tanishq
Product Line & The Collections
Tanishq For You
Tanishq Retailing
Tanishq Marketing Strategy
The Jewellery Market
Some of Tanishqs Competitors
Tanishq – Market Research
Tanishq – The Turnaround Story
Promotion, Advertising & Public Relation
Tanishq In The News

Dessertation Report on Indian Chocolate Industry

mba projects in marketing
The  Cadbury’s  India’s number one chocolate is able to share with their market insights based upon unparalled breath of chocolate experience.

The merge in 1969 with Schweppes and the subsequent development of the business have led to Cadbury Schweppes taking the led in both, the confectionery and soft drink market intech UK and becoming a major force in the international market. Cadbury Schweppes today manufactures product in 60 countries and a trade in staggering 120.

This project is a sincere effort to look for the market potential in  chocolate and confectionery industry.  A descriptive research procedure had been applied to come to the conclusions of the project. The project later concluded in recommending the  market potential of the chocolate and confectioneries.

1. Introduction                               
2. Objective                               
3. Research Methodology                       
4. Chocolate Industry                           
5. Chocolate in a Bloom                           
6. Chocolate Industry in India                       
7. Major Players                                
8. Amul                                   
9. Nestle                                    
10. Cadbury                                
11. SWOT analysis of Cadbury                         
12. Market Segmentation                           
13. Psychographics and Demographics                   
14. Product Positioning                            
15. Product Market Boundary                        
16. Price Sensitivity                           
17. Consumer Buying Behavior                       
14. Industry Structure and Dynamics                    
15. The Rural Conundrum                           
16. Key Success Factors                            
17. Product Life Cycle                            
18. Positioning                                
19. Procter's 5 Force Model                        
18. Rural Market Initiatives                          
20. Suggestions                               
21. Conclusion                               
22. Bibliography

A Dissertation on Mutual Fund and investors Behaviour

mba finance projects
Mutual fund is a pool of money collected from investors and is invested according to certain investment options. A mutual fund is a trust that pools the saving of a no. of investors who share a common financial goal. A mutual fund is created when investors put their money together. It is, therefore, a pool of investor’s fund. The money thus collected is then invested in capital market instruments such as shares, debentures and other securities. The income earned through these investments and the capital appreciations realized are shared by its unit holders in proportion to the no. of units owned by them.

The most important characteristics of a fund are that the contributors and the beneficiaries of the fund are the same class of people namely the investors. The term mutual fund means the investors contribute to the pool and also benefit from the pool. The pool of funds held mutually by investors is the mutual fund.

Table of contents
Chapter1. Introduction

  • Introduction of Mutual Fund
  • Objective of Study
  • Scope
  • Methodology
  • Limitations
Chapter2. Mutual Fund Industry
  • History of Mutual Fund
  • Regulatory Framework
  • Legal Structure
  • Classification
  • Types
Chapter3. Performance Measures
  • Investment Plans
  • Different features of various funds
  • Net Asset Value
  • Performance measures of Mutual Funds
Chapter4. Investor’s point of view
  • Stages of Life Cycle
  • Classification of Life cycle
Chapter5. Analysis
  • Analysis of Questionnaire
  • Suggestions
  • Conclusion



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Research Methodology eBook for MBA

Research in simple terms, refers to a search for knowledge. It is also known as a scientific and systematic search for information on particular topic or issue. It is also known as the art of scientific investigation. Several social scientists have defined research in different ways. 

In the Encyclopedia of Social Sciences, D. Slesinger and M. Stephension (1930) defined research as "the manipulation of things, concepts or symbols for the purpose of generalizing to extend, correct or verify knowledge, whether that knowledge aids in construction of theory or in practice of an art". 


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