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A Project Report on the Study of Forex Market and Risk Management

mba finance projectsThe project undertaken is based on the study of foreign exchange market and risk management in general as well as in the forex market.
FOREIGN EXCHANGE MARKET: Foreign exchange market is a market where foreign currencies are bought & sold.
Foreign exchange market is a system facilitating mechanism through which one country’s currency can be exchanged for the currencies of another country.
The purpose of foreign exchange market is to permit transfers of purchasing power denominated in one currency to another i.e. to trade one currency for another.
The project covers various trading areas of forex market such as, spot market, forward market, derivatives, currency futures, currency swaps etc. It helps in understanding various trend patterns and trend lines. What considerations are kept in mind while trading in forex market and why one should enter such market is studied under this project.
Another part of this project covers Risk Management in general as well as in forex market. Risk Management is the process of measuring, or assessing risk and then developing strategies to manage the risk. In general, the strategies employed include transferring the risk to another party, avoiding the risk, reducing the negative effect of the risk, and accepting some or all of the consequences of a particular risk.
A person has to face risk whether he’s in business or is entering the forex market.So, he uses various strategies and methods to overcome  that risk.
The data used in this project has been collected from websites based on related topics and various books of forex market and risk management. The information displayed may be limited,as each and every aspect related with the project that is provided by the avilable sources might not be complete in all respects.


A Project Report on Stress Management in BPO

mba hr projectsToday’s age is called “The Age of Anxiety” and this century is called “The Century of Stress”. Today vast majorities of people are in a state of Stress. Their fast-paced lifestyle demands  that  they are  raring  to  go  always  and  are always  under  pressure  to perform.  This pressure usually leads to Stress. Stress can be due to various reasons. And Stress in many cases causes Tension, Depression, Anxiety, etc.  
A lot of research has been conducted into ‘stress’ over the last hundred years. Some theories about it are now settled and accepted; others are still being researched and debated.
Hans Selye was one of the founding fathers of research on stress. He stated in 1956 that “Stress is not necessarily something bad – it all depends on how we take it.” The stress of exhilarating, creative successful that of failure, humiliation or infection is detrimental. Since then, a great deal of further research has been conducted on the subject, and new ideas have come to light.
Stress is now viewed as a "bad thing", with a range of harmful biochemical and long-term effects. These effects have rarely been observed in positive situations. Stress is that stress is a condition or feeling experienced when a person perceives that “demands exceed the personal and social resources the individual is able to mobilize.” In short, it is what we feel when we think we have lost control over events. There are very many proven skills that we can use to manage stress. These help us to remain calm and effective in high-pressure situations, and help us avoid the problems of long term stress.
Stress is something that occurs all the time and affects everyone one way or another at least some of the time. Stress can be a good thing. It can be a source of motivation to help get something done or help one to react quickly to a potentially dangerous situation.

A Project Report on Significance of Emotional Intelligence and its Impact on Job Satisfaction

mba hr projectsIn the present scenario, cut throat competition, stretched goals, cultural differences among the diverse workforce and imbalanced work life have lead to increasing level of stress in employees, also increase the job dissatisfaction. This satisfaction adversely affects the performance of the employees and becomes an undesirable and paramount the organization problem. Hence the scientific researchers shown that the emotional intelligent person is more adaptive to the environment and more productive for the organization. Therefore, tools stress due to the job dissatisfaction can prove to be important for making the employees more efficient and effective. Research also reveal that emotional quotient contributes 80% in the success of the person as compared to the 20% contribution of the intelligence quotient (IQ) only.

Therefore, EQ is undoubtedly a very important dimension of a person’s personality. Researchers also suggest that Emotional Intelligence oriented interventions can be successful tools for making employees more job satisfied and stress less.
By developing our Emotional Intelligence we can become more productive and successful at what we do, and help others to be more productive and successful too. The process and outcomes of Emotional Intelligence development also contains many elements known to reduce stress for individuals and organizations, by decreasing conflicts, improving relationships and understanding and increasing stability, continuity and harmony which leads to the job satisfaction.
1.1 Emotional intelligence
To understand the concept of emotional intelligence,it would be useful to have an idea of what emotions are . the word emotion comes from the latin word motere which means to move this donates that all emotions induce desire to act the Oxford English  dictionary defines emotions as , any agitation or disturbance of mind ,feelings, passion.

Table of contents:

1.1 Emotional Intelligence
1.2 Job Satisfaction
1.3 EI and Performance
1.4 Use of EI in HR Application
1.5 Objective, Need, Scope and Research methodology
1.6 Research Methodology
5.1 Findings
5.2 Limitations
5.3 Recommendations



A Project Report on Retail Plan for New Retail Brand in India

mba projects in marketingRetail means selling goods and services in small quantities directly to customers. Retailing consists of all activities involved in marketing of goods and services directly to consumer for their personnel family and household use.

The Indian retailing industry is becoming intensely competitive, as more and more payers are Vying for the same set of customers. The major retail players are Pantaloon Retail, Shoppers Stop, Reliance, etc.,

Retailing is one of the biggest sectors and it is witnessing revolution in India. The new entrant in retailing in India signifies the beginning of retail revolution. India's retail market is expected to grow tremendously in next few years. According to AT Kearney, The Windows of Opportunity shows that Retailing in India was at opening stage in 1995 and now it is in peaking stage in 2006. India's retail market is expected to grow tremendously in next few years. India shows US$330 billion retail market that is expected to grow 10% a year, with modern retailing just beginning. India ranks first in 2005.  In fact, in 2005 and 2006, India is the most compelling opportunity for retailers, because now India is in peaking stage.

Sector details
1. Introduction to retail industries.
2. Retail word is derived French word retailer means to cut off a piece.
3. Retailing includes all the activities involved in selling goods or services to the final customer for personnel or non-business use.
4. Supermarket is a retailing of a wide variety of consumer products under one roof, ample stock, stock of several brands & extended business hours.

Industry Profile
Competition In Retail
Store Study
Store Structure
Vision & Mission
Supply Chain Management
Analysis & Interpretation



A Project Report on Relationship Marketing in Capital Market

mba finance projectsThe Present business scenario is totally consumer oriented. Every company faces stiff
competition from its competitors, each provides the best product at competitive rates. As a result customers have lot of choices to get the best with the least cost. To face this competition, it is very important to know customer’s behavior, there needs, preference and also the motivation factors. My Project was on “Relationship Marketing of Financial Products” Dealing in the financial product with in varanasi. To know the Motivational & demotivational factors of the client so as to cater the needs in most appropriate manner.It will help business to expand its network & also its services.I had done my project under the guidance of My Guide Mr. Anurag srivastava whose guidance helps me in completing my Project Work Successfully.
Religare Securities Limited Provide its Expert service in Capital market Operations to
institutional Investors. Company is a Member of National Stock Exchange as well as Bombay Stock Exchange. Religare is slowly but steadily gaining market share and goodwill in the Market. Its strategies for marketing its services as well as developing a good Relationship Marketing with its client has given an edge over the other service providers. Religare is on expansion path and is looking forward to be in the top. Religare is a very flexible organization and its gives equal opportunity to its young and energetic staff to work so as to bring this organization among the top.
This project also throws lights on the working frame of broking service. This industry is on the spree to adopt the latest technology and thus any player has to be dynamic in this industry. The comparative analysis done in this project show how Religare has built competitive edge on some ground. The Project help you understand the strategies of this industry right from De-Mat toTrading, Margin to analysis and risk to return. I hope this project prove to be beneficial for the Company and also give the reader a through idea about the industry. I learnt a lot through out the process of undertaking this project report.To fulfill my task I had to visit the client personally who are dealing in share trading with this company or some other broking house.For this project I was assign the target of 10 accounts, for which I first generated the database and made appointment with them and convert them in as traders of Religare Securities Limited,for this I have to convince them and explain the concept and collect the Trading Form and a cheque of Rs. 500 only. After going through the exercise I found that RSL is one of the upcoming companies in the Marketing of financial Product, as the credibility of other companies are going down in the market and it is the right time for the RSL to built its reputation in the market The Main reason for RSL low market share is because of local brokers in the market which a charging very less Margin as initial investment for Trading in Stock Market. But No doubt it is having lots of scope to grow in the financial Market, and I wish it is having a shining future in the coming years.






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