Project Report on Opening Savings Accounts by Meeting Customers

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At HDFC Bank, I was assigned with the topic as “Opening Savings Accounts by Meeting Customers” for my project work. I joined the company as a Sales Executive. The selection of the topic was to know how the company generates business through them.
Sales Executives are those sources of a company who have their own relations and personal contacts among common public that they use to generate business through. Company has certain criteria to recruit these Sales Executives. The steps are as follows.
·         He should be at least 12th passed.
  • He should have good personal contacts.
  • He should have convincing power.
  • He should be above 18th year old.
Once the through all these steps of recruitment, he becomes the Sales Executive of the company and reserve the right to sale the various products to any prospect client also he is paid the commission a certain percentage. There are some reward and tour package also.
The financial sector is one of the booming and increasing sectors in India. The Sales Executives are one of the most powerful, efficient and effective channel through which the company sales its various types of financial products. It is really difficult to convince customers and sell a single product but since these executives have their own personal contacts which make the entire task easier to sell a product. Whereas in my entire project work I found my interest in working in a team, dealing with customers and finally convincing them to open an account with the bank.           
The ultimate purpose of giving me this topic was to know about the customer’s perceptions about the different products of the bank, how these products can attract them and how the company can generate maximum profit by convincing them through sales executives.
·         The process of recruitment for Sales Executives of HDFC Bank.
·         Different products and services provided by the bank.
·          Customers’ perception about the different products.
·         The brand image of the bank.
·         What are the problems faced by these sales executives daily basis.
·         How to communicate with the customers.
·         Different techniques of dealing with the customers.
·         How to convince and convert a customer into a real customer. 


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